The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways

It’s been a while, I must say, but here I am. So, a little update on what is going on with me and my life. Like I have said before, I had problems with my stomach last year, well the pain came back in December 2018, to the point that the pain blinded me, and I had no idea what to do, it got really bad, at some point, I was scared to eat, and I didn’t even want to eat anything anymore, just because it would hurt so bad. Anyways ways, moving on, I went to see my general Doctor in January of this year, and she recommend me to a specialist for my stomach. I went to see my specialists in that same month, on January 15, and she told me all these things that they were gonna do to me,  but she also told me, that if the pain got too intense that I should just go to the ER, and they where gonna do everything that I need it. 

So, that same night I got the pain again, and the next the pain woke me up at 6:00 am, the pain was just too much for me to handle, and I decided to go to the ER, by 9:20 am, I was already in the ER. I spend the whole day at the ER, which was on the 16 of January.  They took my blood two times, they put IV, It believe that’s how you write it, and they did an ultrasound. It was quite weird having an ultrasound, not gonna lie. Oh, and when they put the IV, oh my days, it hurt so much, not lie. I was in tears, literally. Moving on, around an hour later, after they did the ultrasound, the Doctor told me that I had stones in my gall bladder. Which I was not too surprising, I kinda saw it coming.  So, that same day I had surgery. 

I’ve been recovering since then, I am doing so much better. Mostly I am sore and it hurts a bit, but I am hanging in there. When everything happened I was very calm and relax about everything. The old me would have been so stressful, mad, having panic attacks and having anxiety. I thank the Universe for giving me the inner strength, and opening my third eye, for not letting myself stress and just being the best of me. Since last year, I decided not to stress about anything, because stress is horrible, it damages your mind, soul, body, and health. So not worth it. I learn to not let my mind control me, it took me some time, but I did it. And I am so proud of myself for that. 

I also feel that what help me too is the Witch inside of me, my spiritual vibes and just being myself. I am proud, really proud of the human I am now. This is another situation the Universe has put on my life, and I handle it very well. What is the meaning of life to you? For me, it is being yourself, the best version of yourself, for you, for this planet, for other humans, for animals. I feel and I am happy, thank you Universe, I have so much love for you, always. 

Don’t forget to always be yourself, laugh, live, love. Live in the moment, and be happy, for yourself, and remember, you don’t need anybody to complete you, you are already complete. 

Witchy Vibes,

-Andrea Ivonne

Winter Vibes

I was browsing through my Instagram, and I’ve realized that a lot of people seem to dislike Winter. Everything they said, about how they feel with Winter, is how I feel with Summer. Now, I have written in here, on my blog how I feel about Summer, and we all know, I truly dislike Summer, from the bottom of my soul. I just don’t like when people are mean to Winter, and I realized, Winter gets more hate than Summer. Why? I don’t.  

On other news, Winter is finally here. I am over the moon because of that. I love Winter so much. I am not feeling at the greatest at the moment, my colitis came back, and on the 24 of December, which was only like 2 days ago, I was so sick, I was in a lot of pain, and it was not a such a good day for me. But, I did my best, to enjoy the day and celebrate with my family.  I am going to the Doctor tomorrow, I am glad for that. 

I have like a lot of things to do with my health and Doctors, to be honest. It was a bit overwhelming, but I am feeling better. I had something on my left eye on my eyelid, I put some medicine that my Dermatology’s told me to use, and it worked for a couple of months, but it seems it has come back,  so, I am using another medicine, and I truly hope it works. 

I’m not losing hope, I will never lose hope in life and in myself. Things happened for a reason. And perhaps, this was meant to be. I’m okay, I’m gonna be just fine. Taking deep breaths, and living day by day. 

Always be yourself, remember to always love yourself first. Live in the moment, express yourself and live, love and smile like there is no tomorrow.

Witchy Vibes,

-Andrea Ivonne 


It feels like ages since I wrote a blog post. Well, I did blog in October, I believe. This year has been very intense, I don’t think I have another word a the moment to express how I feel.  It’s been quite overwhelming, with a lot of things that happened in my life, some, well all of them were unexpected, so it was very hard when everything was happening almost at the same time. Quite surreal, if you ask me, but, things happened for a reason, even with everything, I still believe that. 

I feel that the Universe puts things and situations in our lives, and it is up to us how we handle them. I feel much better now, I went to visit my sister for the Thanksgiving week, and I had a lot of fun, it help me a lot to go and distract myself. Next week I have an appointment with my Dermatologist, I feel relaxed and very calm.  Actually, I’m quite excited to see her, it always good to see her. Whatever happens, happens. I’m not dwelling on it, to be honest. I’m happy, and flowing with this beautiful life and living in this magnificent Planet called Earth. 

Witchy Vibes, 

-Andrea Ivonne

Fast Fashion

I knew about fast fashion back in 2016, my father told me about this documentary called The True Cost. Luckily, Netflix has this documentary. The reason why my father mentions this to me is that in that year 2016, earlier that year, I became a Vegetarian/Pesceterian. So he thought I would be interested in it. Until this day, I still recall when I finally watched the documentary. It was mind-blowing,  it open my mind and my eyes to what truly fast fashion is, and how horrible it is. 

Fast fashion is bad for humanity, animals and the Earth. While I was watching this documentary, I started to feel bad about the clothes I own. Because every time I would buy something, I never ask myself, who made my clothes?  And that is sad. After watching The True Cost, I decided to do something. I stop buying clothes at trendy stores, I stop buying things I don’t really need, it open my eyes to see things how they truly are. 

I decided to make a change, for myself, for humanity, for animals and for this beautiful planet called Earth. It’s been 2 years now since I stop buying things I don’t need. The clothes I have right now, my sister has given them to me. I don’t buy clothes anymore. I recommend thrifting, I only go thrifting on Fall/Winter. You all know why by now. 

If you get the chance to watch this documentary, go watch it. It’s a must watch. 

-Andrea Ivonne

Viviendo la vida

It feels like I haven’t written in forever, which in reality it’s only been a couple of weeks, I believe. I feel good, I am still recovering from my stomach as I’ve said before, I think I have said it before, it’s a very slow process, so it’s gonna take a couple of months for me to fully recover from it. I do get the pain sometimes, but I can handle it. I’ve been reading quite a lot, actually. I love reading, I must say I am obsessed with reading and books, I just love it so much. 

I feel like myself once again, I let my little moment happen and that is that. I do feel that the more I get older, I grow more as a human and I see things more, and more different. I’m 26 years old, I never thought I was gonna be here alive past my teenage years, but here I am, alive, happy and grateful with the Universe for giving me this opportunity of being alive and living life. I don’t know what the future holes on me, I don’t think about it, I live day by day, and each day is beautiful.  Whatever happens, is for a reason, we learn and we move on. I enjoy life in my own way, and I live my life. I had depression a couple of years ago. The reason why I had depression was from me having Xeroderma Pigmentosum and because I was going through others personal things in my life. I do feel I did suffer from the depression when I was a teenager, I felt it, but at the time I didn’t know what I had. When I was in my 20’s is when my depression came back and it was bad. I hit button rock, and I knew I need it help. And I help myself, I was the one who decided what I wanted to do with my life. I said to my self, “I have two options, one, I change my self and my life, or two, I let my self-die, literally,” By die I mean, I wasn’t wanna protect my self from the sun or anything. I wasn’t gonna go see my Doctors or anything like that, that’s what I meant ‘By letting my self-die’. 

 I choose to change my self and my life. and for the very first time in my life, I learn to love my self and to truly understand the meaning of love. I love my self, the way I am the way I look. The human I am right now, at this moment in my life it’s because of everything that has happened to me. I am truly happy, I chose to live for me, not for anybody else other than myself. I think it’s very important to talk about depression, it’s something we should not be ashamed to say out loud, and don’t care about what other people might say. Don’t take anything personal, that’s something I learn from the book of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. That’s the book that help me change when I was dealing with my depression. I do recommend it. It’s been three years since I change my self, I am so proud of my self for everything I have achieved in life. I feel grateful to the Universe that give me all that I need it to go thru this on my own, I am forever grateful for that. 

I just wanted to share this for some time now, and finally, I decided just to write it. Self-love is important, never for that, always love yourself, live life to the fullest. Smile, laugh, love and live. Be a kind human to yourself and to others, and to animals also. 

Positive Vibes,

-Andrea Ivonne 

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